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Here’s the second video project that I completed for my TV Production class. For this project, we could only use natural sound to sell our product, which in my case was Bounce dryer sheets. But to make it more challenging for us, we were also restricted in our camera work; we could only use static shots. Pans, tilts and zooms were strictly forbidden. Here is the finished product.

Although I thought this was going to be an added challenge, I actually found that the restricted camera movements really helped me think about my shot composition more and made the whole editing process easier because I didn’t have to hunt for shots that weren’t shaky or unusable because I had jerked the camera. Overall, shooting the project was a breeze and I was happy with the final product. I hope you are, too.


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Sorry I’ve been away for so long! The end of school is near, which means that professors are trying to keep to their schedule and fit every paper, project, and test in before summer vacation.

But I just wanted to take the time to post my finished DMC Hopper Painting Story. We had to take an Edward Hopper painting, create an original back story, and create a mini “video”  to present our story.

Here’s the finished product. Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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Ok. So here’s the deal: As much as it pains me to say, I think I’ve become a “Belieber.”

I know. I know. How could I possibly even utter those words, right? I have always prided myself on being a lover of music that is made with real instruments, not that synthesized stuff that you usually hear today. But before you mark me down as another one in the utterly-obsessive-fan category, just hear me out.

I saw Justin Bieber’s new movie, “Never Say Never” on Wednesday night and I must say, it blew me away! This kid actually has true talent! No kidding. Not only can he sing (yes, fine, his pipes aren’t the strongest yet – but he’s still got time to grow into them), but he can play the drums and play the piano – which I did not know. A pretty well-rounded artist if you ask me. How many main-stream artists do you know can play more than one instrument? Bet Ke$ha can’t do all that.

I was prepared to go to the movie and absolutely HATE it. But the longer I sat in the theatre – which was absent of anyone except me and my (brave guy) friends – the harder it was for me to find anything to hate about it, and him. You can rant all you want that his high voice drives you up a wall. But think about it, he was discovered at age 12. Everyone’s voice is high at that age. Give it time to age a bit. And let’s not forget about Michael Jackson – he began his singing career far younger than J. Biebs, but he made the transition gracefully. At least, I think he did. You can hate and say that he’s just a pretty face (Which he is. Let’s be honest.), BUT he has the talent to back that up.

But if you’re still not convinced, that’s ok.

I still whole-heartedly encourage everyone to go see “Never Say Never.” Put your dislike for the kid aside for that 1 hour and 45 minutes and just enjoy the technical aspect of the movie. It’s probably one of the best 3-D movies I’ve seen. It does some pretty crafty things. My favorite use of the 3-D was when get well-tweets cascaded down and across the screen right in front of your eyes. I also throughly enjoyed the live music. By the credits, I was singing out loud!

Take it from me, this is a movie you absolutely want to see. Justin Bieber has my respect as an artist and maybe after seeing it for yourself, he will have yours, too. I give it an A. (And no. I am not crazy.)

Call me what you want, but I am a Belieber. And I’m not afraid to say it!

One of my favorite songs: Runaway Love

Wanna buy it? (Admit it. It’s got groove and swag.) Go to iTunes.

And for you die-hard fans, here’s a link to one of his thousands of fan pages: http://www.justinbieberzone.com/

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