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Here’s the second video project that I completed for my TV Production class. For this project, we could only use natural sound to sell our product, which in my case was Bounce dryer sheets. But to make it more challenging for us, we were also restricted in our camera work; we could only use static shots. Pans, tilts and zooms were strictly forbidden. Here is the finished product.

Although I thought this was going to be an added challenge, I actually found that the restricted camera movements really helped me think about my shot composition more and made the whole editing process easier because I didn’t have to hunt for shots that weren’t shaky or unusable because I had jerked the camera. Overall, shooting the project was a breeze and I was happy with the final product. I hope you are, too.


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Here’s a story I did for Phoenix14News about the new virtual bulletin board and social media website Pinterest (of which I happen to be obsessed with!). What do you think, will Pinterest overtake Facebook?

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, look me up: Addie Michelle.

**After my story aired, I came across a new website similar to Pinterest called Gentlemint. It’s basically the male equivalent to Pinterest and is full of mustaches, high-calorie food recipes and other manly things.

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Halloween wasn’t a very spook-tacular holiday around my house growing up, so I don’t really have a very memorable lighting moment that sticks out to me. However, drawing form another example, I will analyze Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which was my favorite Halloween music video (slash all-time favorite video!!).

If I said I wasn’t scared the first time I watched “Thriller,” I’d be lying. Rumor has it that the first time my older sister saw it on MTV (circa the 80’s), it sent her running scared from the living room. From the special effects, to the costumes, to the lights…It was a scary thing to watch. At the same time, though, it was magical.

I’m sure the technical aspects, especially the lighting, for the music video is very different than it is for a stage production. However, I’m sure the same principles still apply.

If I were to try to reproduce the lighting from “Thriller” for the stage, I would try to replicate the long shadows and spooky lighting by using several Fresnel lights at long angles in ambers, reds, purples, and deep blues to give the stage an eerie look. Footlights would also add an extra “creep” factor. These used to be the main lights used in the early days of theatre and the light from the bottom would cast weird shadows. Throwing in a fog machine and a scrim (which would create a dimming effect across the whole stage) wouldn’t hurt either.

If all these things were in place, it would make for one spooky show…

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Annie Logo

"Annie" was the first play I ever saw.

For as long as I remember, my parents have been taking me to performances. Puppet shows, ballets, musical, jazz concerts. You name it, I’ve seen it.

The first performance I remember going to see was the musical “Annie.” I was probably around 10 or 11 years old, and I remember being ecstatic! Going to see a play in downtown Atlanta was a HUGE deal! Only fancy grown-ups went to the Fox Theatre on a Thursday (a school night, no less!) to see their favorite musical (other than Disney movies – which don’t count.) LIVE, on STAGE! What an experience!

I was fortunate enough that going to see “Annie” wasn’t the only time that my parents took me to see plays, musicals, ballets, or other performances. I truly believe that the regularity of going to see stage productions while I grew up led to the fondness I have for the arts now. I am so thankful that I had those opportunities when I was younger because I know that not everybody has had that chance. I can’t say that I know anybody specifically or personally who has never been to see a performance before, but I know that there are plenty of people out there who haven’t.

I think that it would be a challenge to get someone who has never seen a stage production to buy a ticket for a show, mostly because it might be something completely unfamiliar to them. A number of things might be a mystery to them, like what a reasonably priced ticket would cost, what to expect when going to see a play, or sometimes the culture might be considered too “upper class.” However, an approach that I think would draw people who’ve never gone to the theatre before would be to produce a monthly, quarterly, or annual one-act production for the community, targeted at children, that would be free. It wouldn’t even have to be elaborate – plain white t-shirts, painted backdrop, etc. Another approach could be to partner with a school and have a day where a theatre company comes and teaches about the theatre, process of producing a performance, and acting, culminating in a performance from a scene in an upcoming play. By catering to them in a place where they are everyday, it is guaranteed to reach them and hopefully they will tell their parents and continue their learning about the arts.

In either case, though, I feel that it is important to expose people to theatre and performance at an early age because that’s when they are still impressionable and exploring their world and learning what is important to them. That is the way that I learned to appreciate the arts and I think it will have a lasting impact if young children could also share that experience.

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I absolutely love Florence + the Machines.

It’s been a while now since I’ve discovered this amazing artist, but I was listening to her music in iTunes tonight and felt like I just had to share it with you.

I happened to hear her song “Cosmic Love” in an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” last season, and ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. The only problem is that not a whole lot of people know about her. (Which is CRAZY because she’s so talented!!) Everyone I ask always responds with a “Florence and the whats??”

You may be familiar with her song “The Dog Days are Over” (from the trailer for “Eat, Pray, Love”), but that’s not all that she has to offer! I encourage you to listen to more of her music. You will not be disappointed!

Here’s the video for “Cosmic Love.”

The reason I like it so much is because it’s shot so beautifully. It’s very stylized, but in a good way. Not only is the lighting and color stunning (or maybe I just like lots of shiny lights), but it’s got this overall whimsical and innocent feeling to it that I love. She also looks flawless!

Florence + the Machine has recently gained popularity in America. She performed at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, sang a tribute to Aretha Franklin with other famous female artists at the Grammy Awards and was also nominated for “Best New Artist.”

Obviously this talented Brit is on the rise and I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future!

If you liked “Cosmic Love” you should check out her album “Lungs.”

My personal favorites from it are “Drumming Song,” “Howl,” and “Rabbit Heart.

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Sorry I’ve been away for so long! The end of school is near, which means that professors are trying to keep to their schedule and fit every paper, project, and test in before summer vacation.

But I just wanted to take the time to post my finished DMC Hopper Painting Story. We had to take an Edward Hopper painting, create an original back story, and create a mini “video”  to present our story.

Here’s the finished product. Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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It’s that time again. the TED conventions are being held!

You may be asking, “What on earth is TED?” Let’s be real, few people know what it is. (Ok…Well, at least I didn’t know what it was.)

Basically, TED, which stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, is an annual global conference that gives talks centered mostly on science and culture. Every year, speakers gather in either Palm Springs or Long Beach to present their ideas in innovative and engaging ways. In order to help speakers have their “wish” for a global change come true, the TED Prize is awarded to one speaker to put toward that wish.

Johanna Blakley

There are thousands of speakers to hear from on Ted.com (check them out!), but the speaker that I would like to highlight is Johanna Blakley. This year, Blakley spoke about the way social media is changing the perception of gender.

In her speech, Blakley explains how traditional media sources of today, such as magazines and television, target advertisements to certain audiences based on demographics, mainly gender, because they often behave with some predictability. However, according to Blakley, social media is changing the game and making it increasingly difficult to target those audiences based on gender or race or creed anymore. This is because instead of being defined by physical attributes, your online person is better defined by your interests. Advertising companies do this by monitoring your clicks (I know! Creepy, but very true.) on webpages, counting the number of times you visit a cooking or workout site. By studying your Internet habits, advertisers can make educated guesses at best about your age, gender, or race.

This brings up an interesting point for me as a communications student who hopes to become a broadcast journalist.

Most of the money used to run television production studios comes from selling ads during the commercial break. If it becomes increasingly more difficult to target ads to a certain audience during regular airing hours, how will that affect those television companies that I will one day work for? Although social media is good in a sense because it breaks down those old, tired stereotypes, if it grows into the only source of information people access, ads sales can falter and jeopardize my future career! (Yeah, that might be selfish of me to say.)

I guess, then, we must rely on the advertising companies to be inventive and hope for the best.

To hear more of Johanna’s speech, listen and watch below.

Johanna Blakely

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