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Here’s a recent package I did for Phoenix14News. The story was about a new Pew Research Center study about apps and how they will impact and shape the way users will use the Web and the type of content they will see. To ready the full story, go to Phoenix14’s website.


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Here’s a story I did for Phoenix14News about the new virtual bulletin board and social media website Pinterest (of which I happen to be obsessed with!). What do you think, will Pinterest overtake Facebook?

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**After my story aired, I came across a new website similar to Pinterest called Gentlemint. It’s basically the male equivalent to Pinterest and is full of mustaches, high-calorie food recipes and other manly things.

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Look! This week I got to produce, write, and anchor the Phoenix 14 News’ web show called the Thursday Update. The update is a mid-week mini show that we do to keep people on campus informed about news that may have happened during the week. Fortunately (for me at least), there was a lot that went on that could fill the show. Watch it here:

It was my first time ever trying to produce and it was a lot different from reporting, for sure. I don’t know if there’s a future for me there, but it was definitely a good experience trying my hand in the producer role.

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This is the very FIRST package that I did for Phoenix 14 News. I was very hesitant to take it because I was a freshman and had no idea how to even work the editing suites, but they needed it to be done, so I obliged. I also got to go live for the first time. Pretty cool stuff.

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Here’s the latest package I did for Phoenix 14 News that aired in the Thursday update. It’s about whether frozen yogurt has any health benefits or if it’s just part of a sweeping health craze.

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By Addie Haney

More than 100 million college students incorporate Facebook in their daily lives, but one Elon student made the decision to cut it out completely, despite its possible networking opportunities.

Freshman Andrea Schultz, an athlete for Elon University, gave Facebook up for Lent her junior year of high school. Her grades improved so much that she chose to give it up completely for senior year.

“I think it’s a complete waste of time,” Schultz said.

Schultz is a member of the cross-country and track and field as well as several on-campus clubs. Because she cut Facebook out of her routine, Schultz says her day never has any wasted time.

According to Facebook, its 500 million users spend more than 700 billion minutes on the site in a month. That is the equivalent to about 1.33 million years.

Ross Wade, assistant director of career services for the School of Communications, said he understands the benefits Facebook could provide, especially when searching for jobs.

According to Wade, Facebook can be a useful research tool to locate people and places for networking

“[Facebook] could be a good lead for you to connect with them and talk with them about how they got that job,” Wade said.

Wade also said Facebook is a good tool for establishing a credible and marketable online presence.

Even with the benefits in job searching, Schultz said she doesn’t see Facebook returning in her future.

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