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As per assigned, my next post is about my top five internet hits. And it shouldn’t surprise you that Facebook is a site that I frequent the most. After all, it is the biggest social networking website out there.

1. Facebook

The reason I use Facebook so much is simply because it is the fastest way for me to keep in touch with friends, especially those from high school, because I know that most everyone I know has a Facebook and checks it frequently. I also use it as a platform to show some of my work that I’ve done. I have linked packages I’ve done and shows I’ve anchored for Phoenix 14 News (the student-run news show on my campus) from my statuses in order to share it quickly with friends and family members that want to see. (I even use it to bring people here to read this awesome blog I’m writing. I bet YOU clicked the link from FB.)

2. Twitter

I was so opposed to using twitter for the longest time. I just didn’t get the obsession with constantly updating your statuses – “tweeting” – every few minutes. However, I find that it is growing on me. My first real “fun” experience with it was during this year’s Grammy’s when I went from 12 tweets to 46 in the span of a few hours. Not to mention how entertaining it was to see other’s tweets about the eccentric show that night.

Like Facebook, I use twitter to promote projects that I have completed or to help spread the word about breaking news on campus by re-tweeting. This past week, I used it to tweet about the SGA election speech event so students could keep track of what was going on. Basically, what it boils down to is that twitter is a great way for people to “follow” an event that’s going on without actually having to be at the event. (refer to the Grammy’s example.)

3. IMDb

I like movies. Who doesn’t? When I want to know the who’s and what’s and when’s of a movie, I always consult the Internet Movie Database, also known as IMDb. I love it so much, I even downloaded the iPhone mobile act so I will never again have to wonder the name of that hot actor in the newest movie I’m watching. However, IMDb is more than just a way to stalk your new celebrity crush, it also shares information regarding the release dates of upcoming movies, inside scoops about the cast, and mini-bios of actors and actress.

4. Intellicast

Ok. So I might be a big nerd for this, but I LOVE knowing what the weather’s doing. It’s a big factor when it comes to how you will plan your wardrobe for that day. You wouldn’t wear shorts in the middle of February without consulting the weather first. Then again, it might be a stupid idea in general to wear shorts in the middle of winter. But hey, who am I to judge?

I like this weather website because you can zoom in close enough to see the weather in a specific area and out far out enough to see the weather for the whole country. Plus, on Intellicast, you can get the current, hourly, 3-day, or 10-day extended forecast tailored to where you live. Its animated radar map also came in handy when I was keeping an eye out on those January snow systems (Which all turned out to be flubs. Oh well.)

5. Stumbleupon

This is a nifty little website that I recently started using as a result of DMC, and it’s fast becoming one of my favorite websites to waste time on. I was wary about this website too because I had no desire to tell a website what my interests were so it could “know” me and what my likes and dislikes are. But I think it’s a cool way to find neat things on the internet that you would normally not think to look at. (Hence the name “Stumbleupon”) Users create a profile and check boxes next to categories that they are interested in and the site pulls back tons of other relevant sites for the user to “like” or “dislike.” My prize find on Stumble was a link that brought me to a website that is full of craft ideas. Well, that is just perfect for me since I happen to LOVE crafts. I will be making a trip back to that website, and I must thank Stumble for that.

6. WordPress

Ok. So I know I’m only supposed to outline my top 5, but I do frequent my blog a bunch. Otherwise, how am I supposed to keep my readers (all 10 of you!) coming back for more random rants? Once you get the hang of WordPress’ features, it is actually fun letting your brain juices flow out into the screen.



Social media overload? Maybe. But I love it. And maybe after reading this, you will love some of my sites, too.


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Ok. So here’s the deal: As much as it pains me to say, I think I’ve become a “Belieber.”

I know. I know. How could I possibly even utter those words, right? I have always prided myself on being a lover of music that is made with real instruments, not that synthesized stuff that you usually hear today. But before you mark me down as another one in the utterly-obsessive-fan category, just hear me out.

I saw Justin Bieber’s new movie, “Never Say Never” on Wednesday night and I must say, it blew me away! This kid actually has true talent! No kidding. Not only can he sing (yes, fine, his pipes aren’t the strongest yet – but he’s still got time to grow into them), but he can play the drums and play the piano – which I did not know. A pretty well-rounded artist if you ask me. How many main-stream artists do you know can play more than one instrument? Bet Ke$ha can’t do all that.

I was prepared to go to the movie and absolutely HATE it. But the longer I sat in the theatre – which was absent of anyone except me and my (brave guy) friends – the harder it was for me to find anything to hate about it, and him. You can rant all you want that his high voice drives you up a wall. But think about it, he was discovered at age 12. Everyone’s voice is high at that age. Give it time to age a bit. And let’s not forget about Michael Jackson – he began his singing career far younger than J. Biebs, but he made the transition gracefully. At least, I think he did. You can hate and say that he’s just a pretty face (Which he is. Let’s be honest.), BUT he has the talent to back that up.

But if you’re still not convinced, that’s ok.

I still whole-heartedly encourage everyone to go see “Never Say Never.” Put your dislike for the kid aside for that 1 hour and 45 minutes and just enjoy the technical aspect of the movie. It’s probably one of the best 3-D movies I’ve seen. It does some pretty crafty things. My favorite use of the 3-D was when get well-tweets cascaded down and across the screen right in front of your eyes. I also throughly enjoyed the live music. By the credits, I was singing out loud!

Take it from me, this is a movie you absolutely want to see. Justin Bieber has my respect as an artist and maybe after seeing it for yourself, he will have yours, too. I give it an A. (And no. I am not crazy.)

Call me what you want, but I am a Belieber. And I’m not afraid to say it!

One of my favorite songs: Runaway Love

Wanna buy it? (Admit it. It’s got groove and swag.) Go to iTunes.

And for you die-hard fans, here’s a link to one of his thousands of fan pages: http://www.justinbieberzone.com/

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Street Life

I’m always looking for new websites to visit other than the standard Facebook and twitter, and I was pointed to a new site called 1x.com. It’s basically a HUGE online art gallery filled with every genre of photography you can imagine – from action to digital art to abstract. I think it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!

There are plenty of photos to browse through, but the street photographs have some of the best captured moments of real life. Below are some of my favorites:


I like this photo so much because it’s shows the photographer’s witty side. This photo was part technical skill and part luck – the woman just happened to look like she was covering her ears when she was walking past a “screaming” billboard.

“Do not shout that loud !” Carmen Amato









The motion in this photo is obviously the best part of this photo. It’s always a sign of a good photographer when you can get the viewer to feel as if they are involved in the action of the subject, and I get that exact feeling.

“Photo Finish” Ricky Siegers




Although there is no off-the-wall action going on in this photo, this is an excellent portrait of street life. It clearly tells a story of these two males lives and paints a colorful picture of the people of urban life.

“The Wild Side” Steve Hill

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While browsing through issuu.com, looking for design inspiration for this blog, I found this magazine, called Ivy & Piper: Fashion for the home. Below is a picture of the cover.

There are a few things about the format of the magazine that I think work well and parts of it that I don’t like. To start, I really like the fact that the focus of this magazine is on the pictures. Because of this, there is very little text and it acts as a compliment to the pictures. On most of the spreads inside, there are plenty of visuals, i.e. full page photos and bold, colorful headlining text – that attracts the reader’s eye. The magazine’s plain white background also gives the pages a very “open” feel – it seems to be less cluttered and is pleasing to the eye.. Also, the magazine features cut-outs of furniture and accessories, which has always been a favorite aspect of mine. My one criticism, though, is that the colors of the layout can be too extreme for my taste, giving the magazine a “thirteen-year-old-girl” or a “sorority sister” feel. But overall, I like the feel and design of the magazine.

To look at the entire magazine follow this link: http://www.issuu.com/ivyandpiper/docs/ivp_magazine_love_2011

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Well, here I am. I am now officially a blogger.

Since I don’t use the internet for much, other than email, Facebook, and doing research for class, I must say that I am in a completely new world here. Yes, that means I’ve never kept a blog, twittered (Ok, that’s partially true – I recently caved in and got an account), or used any other website to basically document my daily existence. I know, right? Weird for today’s youth. To be honest, I think it’s weird that people my age do. Why would you want EVERYone in the World Wide Web to know everything about you. Who cares? And what the heck do I write about?!

But, anyway.

I guess I’ll give this blogging thing a shot (mostly because it’s required for class, but who’s asking) and see how it works out.

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