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Here’s the second video project that I completed for my TV Production class. For this project, we could only use natural sound to sell our product, which in my case was Bounce dryer sheets. But to make it more challenging for us, we were also restricted in our camera work; we could only use static shots. Pans, tilts and zooms were strictly forbidden. Here is the finished product.

Although I thought this was going to be an added challenge, I actually found that the restricted camera movements really helped me think about my shot composition more and made the whole editing process easier because I didn’t have to hunt for shots that weren’t shaky or unusable because I had jerked the camera. Overall, shooting the project was a breeze and I was happy with the final product. I hope you are, too.


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Here is a music video that I made for my class to Alicia Keys’ song “Prelude to a Kiss” from her album “As I Am.” It was taken on a Nikon D90 DSLR – my first time ever using it (hope you can’t tell too bad! lol) This was also the first video project that I completed for my TV Production class I’m taking this semester.

Hope you all like it! Feel free to leave thoughts, comments, constructive critiques!

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